Helianthus annuus   Concert Bell F1


Floriforus flowers bloom all at once!

Color:Golden yellow petals with dark disk
Size:60-70 inches tall
Market Use:Landscape, Cut flowers


  1. Short branches.
  2. Pollen free.
  3. Unique and voluminous appearance of flowers.
  4. Small and Dark green leaves make neat appearance.
  5. 5 days after main branch blooms, primary branches bloom all at once.

■Cultural Recommendations

  1. Sowing:End of April to July(recommended)
  2. Optimal temperature for germination is 20-25℃(68-77F). Under low temperature conditions, put row cover in order to secure the ground temperature.
  3. Direct seed(recommended)
  4. Transplanting : Plants dislike root disturbance. Transplant before roots start disturbing.
  5. Plant spacing:15cm x 15cm(6x6inch) minimum for Cut flowers.
  6. 30cm x 30cm(12x12 inches) for Landscape. Better to plant wider.
  7. Narrow spacing reduces number of flowers in the middle rows because of insufficient lighting

■Days to Maturity:60-70 days (depending on day length)


  1. Dry condition is unfavorable. Dry condition makes stem shiner and reduces number of flowers. Mulching culture helps stable initial growth.
  2. Moderate nitrogen content is preferred. Too much fertilizer makes plant too high and bloom late. Less fertilizer reduces the number of flowers.
  3. Pinching main branch 5 days before blooming helps primary branches bloom more uniformly.
  4. Early planting tends to grow lateral branches longer.
  5. Minimum growing temperature of 15℃(60F)

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